Circum navigation



Only English in this short sum up.

The planned trip is going to last for a while. If all goes well it will be a circum navigation all the way around the world. I have been dreaming and thinking about it for some years now and finally i feel ready to do it and the boat also. With new engine and lots others,     ( See page about the boat) we are as ready as may be possible to be. We have now been sailing Norwegian coast North (2015) Around different places in the North, Lofoten Island (2016). North to Spitsbergen (2017). South the Norwegian coastline, summer and fall 2017.  So yes I think we are ready. If you want to see where we are and to learn about the places and whats going on you have to drop by from time to time. In short the legs are as follow.  It all starts 2- june 2018. Norway – Shetland – Orkney- Scotland – Caledonien – Irish Sea- Brest – France- Spain- Portugal- Gibraltar- Canary Islands – Cap Verde – Caribean Islands (end 2018)- Panama canal- French Polynesia ( 2019) and so on…hopefully- But thats a long time to cover yet. You can say that the unpredictable/unpredicted is out there waiting. I am just aiming for the west in calm speed, it will be a long journey so no reason to hurry.


English summery below.

Planlagte turer sommer 2017.

Starter ut fra Alta 9.juli og går nordover til Svalbard. Planen er å være der til ca begynnelsen av august. Forsikringa går ut 10 august så da må vi være forlatt om vi ikke tegner ny.  Tilbake i Norge følges kysten sørover med mange stopp underveis og et sted på Vestlandet settes kursen over til Shetland og videre til Scotland og tilbake igjen til Norge og etterhvert Danmark. I Danmark håper jeg å få lagt båten for vinteren da jeg har “oppgaver” hjemme som venter.  Så dette er plan og da gjenstår det å se opp vi kom i havn med den. Nye planer for 2018 følger.

Our trip starts from Alta 9th July 2017. First Svalbard / Spitsbergen, back to Norway,          (Tromsoe) South Norwegian coast, crossing over to Shetland, Scotland, back to Norway and Denmark. I am looking for opportunity to leave the boat in Denmark for the winter if possible. Plan for 2018 is not ready yet. Hopefully this summer will go as planed. Stay tuned.